As Seen on TV was a comedy panel game about the world of television.


BBC1: 17 July – 3 September 2009


Shine TV


Steve Jones

Team CaptainsEdit

Fern Britton
Jason Manford


Two teams, each consisting of one of the team captains and two guests, competed in five rounds.

Round 1: What's On TV?Edit

The teams were shown six programmes, whose titles served as categories. Each category contained one question worth one point, and each player chose one each. The programmes/categories used in this round included the following:

  • Big Break – The team was asked which member of the other had done something when they were much younger, or, which celebrity made their big break on a specific soap, and had to guess the correct one.
  • Extras– This category contained a question about someone appearing as a television show extra.
  • Futurama – The team was shown a picture of someone as they might look in the future, and had to guess who it was.
  • Location, Location, Location – The team was shown a picture of a famous programme setting, minus its characters, and had to identify the place and show.
  • M*A*S*H – A television clip was shown with the music from another one in the background, and the team had to identify both programmes.
  • One Foot in the Grave – The team had to guess how a character from a show died.
  • Songs of Praise – The team was shown a church congregation sing a television theme tune, and had to guess which show it came from.
  • Surprise, Surprise – The team was shown a clip of a television programme, which was then paused before something surprising happens. The team then had to guess what happens next.
  • The Apprentice – Using pictures from an "apprentice cameraman", the team had to work out where the cameraman was.
  • The Clangers – The teams were shown a clip of a famous television gaffe, with some words bleeped out, and had to guess the words.
  • Top of the Pops – Resident Beatboxer "Beardyman" would perform a television theme tune in his own style, and the team had to guess which tune it was.
  • What Not to Wear – A clip was shown of Steve dressing up as a popular character from a programme, and the team had to guess who the character was.
  • Who Do You Think You Are? – The team was shown a picture with the heads of characters from another show superimposed on the original picture, and had to identify both shows.
  • The X Factor – The team was shown 3 characters from TV shows, who had relationships with the same person, and had to work out who that person was.

Round 2: TV YearsEdit

Each team was shown clips of programmes which all started in the same year. They were then asked two questions about certain parts of the clips, and earned a further point for guessing the correct year.

Round 3: Thingy Off the TellyEdit

Each team attempted to guess a person who had been on television from a particular programme, hence why they're called the "Thingy Off The Telly". They could ask as many Yes/No questions as they wanted until Steve passed it over to the other team.

Round 4Edit

This round featured one of two games, depending on the episode. They were:

  • TV Gold – The team was shown a clip from a programme and had to answer 3 related questions about the show.
  • TV Lists – The studio audience was asked which of nine people or things from a certain category they liked the best. The team then had to work out the audience top three, then the audience top one.

Round 5: Name That ShowEdit

The teams were shown pictures of programmes and had to buzz in when they could identify them. They scored two points for a correct answer, but one point was deducted for an incorrect answer.

At the end of the show, the team with the highest score was the winner.