Patrick Kielty
Anthea Turner
Alan Dedicoat
Big Ticket
BBC One: 28 March – 11 July 1998

Big Ticket (often stylised as The National Lottery Big Ticket) was the first game show for the National Lottery.


Four teams of celebrities each competed for teams of two contestants (called punters) in this game. Each team was a different colour (red, yellow, blue, and green).

Main GameEdit

The game was played in three rounds.

Round 1Edit

This round was played in two parts.

Part 1: Catapult CarsEdit

The celebrities sat in Catapult Cars on a track with a carwash at the end. A question with two choices was asked and celebrities who chose the incorrect answer would be sprayed with water and would receive a ten-second penalty in the second part.

Part 2: The Lift RaceEdit

The celebrities stood in lifts and would face a question, again with two choices. A correct answer meant that they would move up to the next level; an incorrect answer, however, meant that they had to stay on the level for ten seconds before moving on. Once a team reached the top level after the third question, they would race down a tube, and finally, run across the studio and hit a buzzer.

The last team to reach the buzzer was eliminated from the game, and the losing punters each went home with £2,000.

Round 3: Mental RoundEdit

This was a quiz round where correct answers earned points. The team with the lowest score was eliminated, and the losing punters each went home with £3,000.

Round 4: Physical RoundEdit

This round had the remaining teams compete in a stunt and again, the losing team was eliminated, and the losing punters each went home with £4,000.


This was played in two parts

Part 1Edit

The remaining punters faced a wheel (in the shape of a combination-lock safe) resembling a gameboard spinner divided into ten spaces; five pictures of one of the punters was on the wheel, and the other punter's pictures were in between. Whichever picture the pointer landed on, that punter would go to the second part, while the other punter would go home with £5,000.

Part 2Edit

The celebrities would be shown six numbered safes, each safe had an amount of money inside as follows:

  • £0
  • £5,000
  • £10,000
  • £15,000
  • £20,000
  • £50,000

The celebrities would take in turns choosing five safes, pressing buttons to blast them open (literally), and reveal the amount of money inside.

At the end of this round, the punter would take home the total amount of money revealed (up to £100,000).

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