Cilla Black (Original Run)
Paul O'Grady (Revival)
Graham Skidmore (1985–2002)
Tommy Sandhu (2002–2003)
Melanie Sykes (2017–Present)
Blind Date 1986
Blind Date 1990
Blind Date 1999
ITV: 30 November 1985 – 31 May 2003
Blind Date
Channel 5: 17 June 2017 – Present
LWT (Original Run)
So Television and Stellify Media (Revival)
ITV Studios

Blind Date was a British version of the American show, The Dating Game, and the Australian show, Perfect Match, with an element of Love Connection in it.


Three singles of the same sex were introduced to the audience. These singles were each asked a question by a member of the opposite sex, who couldn't see them. The announcer would then give a reminder of each contestant. The main contestant would then choose who to go out with on the date. The couple would then pick an envelope with the name of their destination.

On the next episode, a video of the couple on their date would be shown, and Black would also interview them about the date, and each other.

In the final series, a new feature called "Ditch or Date" was added; the main contestant would decide whether to go on the date, or ditch their choice.

In 2003, the show was broadcast live to try to improve dwindling ratings.