Bob Monkhouse
Bob's Full House
Bob's Full House 2
BBC1: 1 September 1984–27 January 1990

Bob's Full House was a popular quiz programme hosted by Bob Monkhouse which was based on the popular game Bingo.


On Bob's Full House, four contestants competed to achieve a "full house" fill in their Bingo-style card. Correct answers to questions covered up/lit up a number but incorrect answers cause the players to sit out the next question (this was classified as getting wallied and having Xs on either side of the contestant's name lit up).

Unlike a normal house card, which has numbers running from 1 to 90, the numbers on a contestant's house card run from 1 to 60 only.

The show would begin with a lengthy topical stand-up comedy routine from Monkhouse.

Round 1 (Four Corners)Edit

In the first round, the object was to fill in the four corners of the board. Each correct answer gave the player who answered correctly a choice of one of his/her corner numbers. The first person to do so won a prize choice.

Round 2 (Monkhouse Mastercard)Edit

In this round, player raced to clear the middle row of numbers on their cards. They would be shown a game board with categories next to a list of number ranges. Contestants would be asked a question unopposed, but an incorrect answer gave the other players a chance to buzz in and answer (Bob referred to it as "Open to Others"). In this situation, a correct answer gives that player a choice of any number to light up on his/her middle line; contestants buzzing in with an incorrect answer are wallied (a player who selected the question is never wallied), and either cannot buzz in for the next question or lose their turn, depending on whether or not they were next in line to choose a question. Also, during this round, if the player in control found his/her "Lucky Number" and answered a question correctly, he/she won a special prize.

Round 3 (Full House)Edit

The third and final round was played like round one, except the object was to fill the remainder of the bingo board. The first person to do this won the game, and a chance at a holiday in the bonus round.

Bonus Round (Gold Card)Edit

In the Gold Card round, the winning contestant faced a board of 18 squares with numbers from 1 - 60 under each, and stars on three others (one on each row). The winning contestant had 60 seconds (one minute) to answer a series of questions (15 is the max). Each correct answer chose one of the numbers. Behind some of the numbers were letters in the name of a holiday, and uncovering one of those brought him/her closer to the holiday. Not covering a letter only earned the chosen number in pounds. If the contestant can reveal all the letters before the time ran out or all the questions were exhausted, he/she won the holiday.

The show was famous for Monkhouse blatantly trying to help contestants win the holiday. Despite this, if a contestant didn't win any prizes then they were given a hamper as a consolation prize.

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