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Title Genre
Call Me a Cabbie Reality
Call My Bluff Panel Game
Can't Cook, Won't Cook Cookery
Can't Touch This Stunts/Dare Show
Cannon and Ball's Casino Family Game Show
Carnal Knowledge Adult
Cash Cab Quiz, General Knowledge
Cash Trapped Quiz, General Knowlege
Catchphrase Puzzle
Catchword Word Game
Celebrities Under Pressure Family Game Show
Celebrity Juice Panel Game
Celebrity Squares Family Game Show, Panel Game
Celebrity Wrestling Sport
Chain Letters Word Game
Challenge Anneka Action/Adventure
The Chase Quiz, General Knowledge
Cheggers Plays Pop Children's
Child's Play Family Game Show
Chris Moyles' Quiz Night Quiz, General Knowledge, Panel Game
Cirque de Celebrité Reality
Cleverdicks Quiz, General Knowledge
Cluedo Mystery
Coach Trip Reality
The Code Quiz, General Knowledge
Codex Action/Adventure
The Colour of Money Family Game Show, Big Prize
Combination Lock Pilot
Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Smart Enough Quiz, General Knowledge
Come Dine with Me Food
Comedy World Cup Comedy Panel Game
The Common Denominator Quiz, General Knowlege, Puzzle
The Common Room Interactive
Concentration Memory, Puzzle
Connections Quiz, General Knowledge
Cook Me the Money Cookery
Copycats Children's
Countdown Puzzle
Counterpoint Radio, Quiz, Themed (Music)
Crackerjack Children's, Variety
Crisis Control Children's
Criss Cross Quiz Quiz, General Knowledge
Crosswits Puzzle
Cryer's Crackers Panel Game
The Crystal Maze Action/Adventure
The Cube Stunt/Dare Show

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