Call My Bluff was a comedy panel game based on the American game show of the same name by Goodson-Toddman Productions.


BBC2: 17 October 1965 – 22 December 1988
BBC1: 13 May 1996 – 17 July 2005


Robin Ray (1965–1966?)
Joe Melia (1966–1967?)
Peter Wheeler (1967–1968)
Robert Robinson (1969–1988)
Bob Holness (1996–2003)
Fiona Bruce (2003–2005)


Two teams, each consisting of one of the team captains, and two guests compete in guessing the definitions of obscure words.

A word is given and each member of one team gives one of three possible definitions for that word. Only one of those definitions is correct. If the other team chooses the correct definition, they score one point; if they are wrong, however, the bluffing team gets the point.

The team with the most points at the end of the show wins the game.


This was the late Bob Holness' last game show before his retirement in 2003, and his death in 2012.

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