Keith Chegwin
Cheggers Plays Pop
BBC1: 10 April 1978 – 7 November 1986

Cheggers Plays Pop was a kid's pop music themed game show.


Two teams (coloured red and yellow), each representing a specific school, competed in this programme. The captains were popular celebrities at the time. The game was played in the following order:

Round 1: Top 10 Hammer GameEdit

Children representing their respective school would take turns facing a strength machine resembling a Top 10 music chart, containing the top ten songs of the week. The teams each scored one point for each song they hit, and a bonus point for hitting the Number 1 spot.

Round 2: Top 10 Hot BoxEdit

Four players from each team would sit at a podium where their team captain was sitting. The captain spun a wheel numbered from 1 to 10. Each number referred to the song on that position on the chart and whatever number they landed on, they would be asked three questions about that song. The children (two on each side of the captain) would answer the the first two questions two by two, and the captain would answer the last question. Each correct answer was worth two points.

Round 3Edit

This was a physical stunt were each item was worth one point.

Round 4: General Hot BoxEdit

This was played similar to the second round, except the questions all dealt with general music.

Round 5Edit

This was a stunt were the points were earned based on the items that the point values were attached to.

Final RoundEdit

This was a stunt that involved a giant inflatable. The teams had to collect balls from tubes. The catch was that some of the tubes had what was supposedly rubbish, and some of them had nothing inside. The teams had to catch the balls in a hoop, and dump them on a balance scale. Teams earned one point for each ball.

At the end of the game, the school with the most points was the winner.

Musical GuestsEdit

Each episode also featured musical guests in between rounds. Three musical guests appeared each week.

Other Trivia Edit

Elements of this show would later resurface in 1997 on the show 50/50.

YouTube LinkEdit

Full Episode from 22 May 1978

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