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Title Genre
The Daily Quiz! Phone-In, Interactive
Dale's Great Getaway Reality, Travel
Dale's Supermarket Sweep Lifestyle
Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch Observation
Dance Dance Dance Dancing
Dancing on Ice Dancing
Dara O Brian's Go 8 Bit Comedy Panel Game
Dating in the Dark Dating
Deal or No Deal Big Prize
Debatable Quiz, General Knowledge
Decimate Quiz, General Knowledge
Defectors Quiz, General Knowledge
The Desert Forges Action/Adventure
The Devil's Dinner Party Reality
Didn't They Do Well! Quiz, General Knowledge
Dinner Date Cookery, Dating
Dirty Money Quiz, General Knowledge
Dirty Rotten Cheater Quiz, General Knowledge
Distraction Comedy
Divided Big Prize
Does the Team Think? Radio, Comedy Panel Game
The Dog Ate My Homework Children's, Comedy Panel Game
Dog Eat Dog Stunt/Dare Show
Don't Ask Me Ask Britain Comedy Panel Game
Don't Blow the Inheritance Quiz, General Knowledge
Don't Forget the Lyrics Music, Big Prize
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Variety
Don't Scare the Hare Stunt/Dare Show
Don't Try This at Home! Stunt/Dare Show
The Door Pilot
Double Dare Children's
Double Your Money Quiz, General Knowledge
Draw It! Drawing
Drive Action/Adventure
Duck Quacks Don't Echo Comedy Panel Game
Duel Quiz, General Knowledge, Big Prize

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