Dermot Murnaghan (2003–2014)
Jeremy Vine (2008–Present) (Originally hosted the second half of each series)
BBC One: 10 November 2003 – 16 December 2004
BBC Two: 23 May 2005 – Present
12 Yard
BBC Scotland (2010 – Present)

Eggheads is a quiz show where contestants compete against former quiz champions.


The game features a team of five contestants (the challengers) playing against a panel of five former quiz champions (the Eggheads). There are five rounds in each game.

The First Four RoundsEdit

To start each round, the host gives a category; all questions in this round are from that category. Categories used on the show include:

  • Arts & Books
  • Film & Television
  • Food & Drink
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Sport

NOTE: Until Autumn 2008, Film & Television and Music were one category (Entertainment) before being split into two separate categories.

The challengers then decide amongst themselves which of them will play the category, and which Egghead they will compete against. Those players then leave the studio and go into the "Question Room", though both players will be seen on screens above their respective podiums. The challenger then chooses which of them will go first. They are then asked in turn three multiple choice questions in a penalty shootout format, meaning if they both give the same number of correct answers, they go into sudden death. Here the questions are open-ended and the first player to give a correct answer while their opponent gives an incorrect answer, wins the round. The winner of each round gets to play in the final round, while the loser is eliminated from the game.

NOTE: Each challenger and each Egghead can only play once in this part of the game.

Final Round: General KnowledgeEdit

The eliminated players are banished to the Question Room, while the remaining challengers compete against the remaining Eggheads. Unlike the previous rounds, the questions in this round are all general knowledge, and if there are at least two remaining challengers, they are allowed to confer. Other than that, the rules remain the same.

If the challengers correctly answer more questions than the Eggheads in this round, they win the game, and a jackpot that rolls over by £1,000 every time the Eggheads win the game. Whenever the challengers win a game, the jackpot resets to £1,000.


For one series, the episodes were 45 minutes long. To fill out the time, the final round had five questions for each side.

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