Vernon Kay
BBC Three: 2 July - 27 August 2004
Woof! TV

Headjam was a pop-culture themed game show where contestants are partnered with celebrities answering questions, hoping to reach a bonus round where they have to answer the questions after they have been asked (hence the name of the show).


Two contestants (always a man and a woman) partnered with two celebrities of the opposite gender competed in a pop-culture quiz game.

Front GameEdit

Round 1: Name the CelebrityEdit

Kay read clues to celebrities and the teams had to guess them, earning one point for each correct answer. This round had two different formats:

  • Spoonerisms - Self-Explanatory
  • Themed Celebrities - All the celebrities names each had a word that belonged to a specific category revealed at the start of the round.

Round 2: First Picture RoundEdit

This was played in a variety of formats that rotated on a regular basis. Again each correct answer was worth one point.

Round 3: Guess the _____: Part OneEdit

This was a sound round; all the questions followed a specific category.

Round 4: Second Picture RoundEdit

Same as the first one.

Round 5: A Year to RememberEdit

In this round, the teams each chose a year from a choice of four and answered a question about it.

Round 6: Guess the _____: Part TwoEdit

Same as Part One, but with a different category.

Round 7: Take a GambleEdit

Each contestant would be given a category, and would bet up to five points based on how well they thought their partner could answer a question in that category.

Round 8: Speed RoundEdit

Kay read a series of questions where the answers started with a specific letter of the English alphabet. The letter changed every three questions. Each correct answer was worth one point.

The team with the highest score won the game, and the contestant played the endgame.

Endgame: HeadjamEdit

The winning contestant would be asked eight simple questions. The catch was that they could only answer them after they had all been read, and they had to give the answers in the exact same order as the questions. Their celebrity partner could help with an answer, but only once.

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