Eamonn Holmes
Alan Dedicoat
Jet Set
BBC One: 20 January 2001 – 8 August 2007

Jet Set was a game show where contestants competed for a chance to go on the Jet Set World Tour.



Six contestants competed each week, for a chance to face the returning champion in the endgame.

Round 1: In the RedEdit

All six contestants started "in the green". Each contestant in turn was given a category. They then had to decide to either "play" (answer the question) or "pass" (nominate another contestant to answer that question). A correct answer or pass left the player "in the green" while an incorrect answer or an incorrect pass (meaning the person passed to got the question correct) lead the player to be "in the red". Only one person could be "in the red" at any one time, while a contestant "in the red" got passed over in play, although they could be challenged with a "pass".

Each round lasted 75 seconds (represented by a gold bar shrinking across the screen, going left). If time ran out while Holmes was still reading a question, he would finish it and then the contestant would answer (similar to Mastermind). Whichever contestant was "in the red" at the end of the time was eliminated from the competition. This process was repeated until only two players remained.

Round 2: Play or PassEdit

This round was played the same as the previous round, with each player in turn given a category, again being given the option to "play" or "pass" to their opponent. Unlike the previous round, instead of playing to stay out of "the red", points were used instead, with the first player to score four points winning the round and progressing to the final. An incorrect answer gave the point to the opponent, while a correct answer scored for themselves.

Before the move to Wednesdays a buzzer question about the location that last week's winner went to decided the order of play. Afterwards, whoever scored the lowest that evening would play first.

After this round, the Lotto Draw was held.


The winning studio contestant faced the previous week's champion for the place on the Jet Set, a round-the-world tour with a new location every week.

Starting with the studio contestant, each player in turn had to predict whether each ball in the draw which had just taken place was higher or lower than the preceding one. A correct prediction allowed the contestant to select their category, while an incorrect prediction allowed their opponent to select the category for them (there were six categories to choose from). An incorrect answer, again, gave the point to the opponent, while a correct answer scored for themselves. The first to three points won the game and the prize. A losing challenger was invited back again the following week to compete again.

YouTube LinksEdit

Mark Hobson's Time on the Show

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