Jeff Stevenson
ITV: 12 March 1991-4 September 1992

Jumble is a show based on the newspaper puzzle feature.


The game was played with two contestants each with a celebrity partner.

To start, a cartoon puzzle was revealed, along with its caption. Each puzzle had four words associated with it. The team in control decided amongst themselves, who will be the "yeller" and who will be the "speller". The yeller has to unscramble a word within 15 seconds. The speller's job is to rearrange magnetic letters, but cannot spell a word until the yeller correctly says it. A correct guess awards some money. If the team in control can't solve it, the opposing team is allowed to try. If both teams fail, the host places letters one at a time until one team gets it.

The letters appearing in the red spaces, like the circled letters in the newspaper version, are then brought over to the cartoon puzzle. They have a few seconds to guess the punny phrase. If they don't solve it, another word was played. But if they do solve it, the contestant wins bonus money.

Four puzzles were played, the first two were worth £25 and £10/word and the last two were worth £50 and £20/word. The team with the most money at the end of the game, goes to the bonus round for another £200.

In the bonus game, one final cartoon was revealed. This last puzzle had six jumbled words that relate directly to the cartoon. The winning team had 60 seconds to unscrambled & guess as many of those six words as they can. For each word correctly guessed, its key letters moved over to the cartoon. When the time was up or if all six words were guessed correctly, the team was given another 10 seconds to think of a solution and then, solve the puzzle. Solving the puzzle awarded another £200.

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Full Episode from Series 2