Lennie Bennett
Peter Simon
Bruce Hammal
Lucky Ladders
ITV: 21 March 1988-14 May 1993
Anglia/Action Time/BASADA, Inc.

Lucky Ladders was a word game show based on the American game show, Chain Reaction.


Two teams of two contestants taken from the "Player's Paddock" competed. In each round one member of each team was the giver, and the other was the guesser. The objective was to guess a series of words on a ladder. These words connect to each other above and below in some way.

Main GameEdit

The ladders consisted of seven words with the top & bottom words revealed at the start. The giver of the team in control can choose to give a letter over or the previously revealed word under the previously revealed word to his/her partner or the opposing guesser. Either way, the letter was revealed (unless it was the last letter, meaning that the letter would stay unrevealed) and the player in control of the mystery word had a chance to guess. A correct guess earned points and kept control, but an incorrect guess passed control to the opponents. If the team got the last word they received double value and the round was over.

The first ladder awarded 10 points for each of the first four words, while the last word was worth 20 points. The values increased by 10 & 20 until the game was won.

The first team to score a 200 points wins the game and went on to face the "Prize Ladder" for a prize.

Prize LadderEdit

At the Prize Ladder, the top word was still given to the winning team/player but they were also given the initial letter of the next word and a letter counter which started at five. On each rung of the ladder, the team tried to guess what the word is starting with that letter and connected to the previous word. Giving the correct word moved on to the next letter, but missing the word added another letter & lowered the counter by one. If the winning team can complete the ladder before running out of letters to use, they win a bonus prize.

Champions could remain on the show for up to five games. Champions who won the five games in a row also won a bigger prize, usually a trip.


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