A British variant on the American show, The Newlywed Game.


ITV: 1968-1988, 1999
UK Living: 1995-1996


Alan Taylor
Norman Vaughan
Derek Batey
Nino Firetto (1995-1996)
Julian Clary (1999)

Production CompaniesEdit

Border (Original Series)
HTV West (1972-1996)
Action Time (1999)
Carlton (1999)


A married couple would be asked a series of questions about each other. One half of the couple would sit in an isolation pod, and their mate would be asked three questions about their mate. Afterwards, they would change positions, and the process repeated. Couples who managed to match on all six questions would receive a prize. Failure to do so won a smaller prize.

The Carlton version was more risque, as it sometimes had gay couples, and the questions were more racial.


In the original run, successful couples won a rolling jackpot, while those who didn't get six matches received a smaller amount of money. All couples who appeared on the show received a carriage clock.

In the UK Living version, each match was worth £20, and matching on all six questions won a merchandise prize.

In the Carlton version, each match won a piece of Mr & Mrs merchandise, and six matches won a holiday.

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