Paul Daniels
John Junkin
Odd One Out
BBC1: 16 April 1982-19 April 1985

A game show where contestants have to find out which answer in a group of four does not belong. This answer is dubbed the "Odd One Out".


The object of the game was to find one thing from a list of four items that was not related to the other three. For example:

  • Marc Summers
  • Bruce Forsyth
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Liza Tarbuck

The contestants playing would be shown the items one at a time and the first player to buzz-in gets a chance to guess which one is the "Odd One Out". (The correct answer for the example above would be "Marc Summers".) A correct answer scored two points plus a chance to score three more points by guessing the common bond himself/herself or by successfully challenging his/her opponent(s) to guess the common bond, with the points going to the challenged opponent if they're right. A possible 11 points can be scored on each question. (The common bond for the answers above is British game show hosts.)

Six contestants played two games (one for each set of three) with the winners of the two games advancing to the bonus game and then play the final game.

Bonus GameEdit

In the bonus game, the winner of the main game faces another puzzle. Three more items are shown one at a time and after an item is revealed, the winning contestant has a few seconds to think it over before coming up with an answer.

Successfully solving the puzzle won a prize according to how many clues it took to solve it. Solving in one clue was worth a big prize, solving in two won a medium prize and solving the puzzle using all three clues won a small prize.

Final GameEdit

The final game was played the same as the first two main games except that the winners faced off against each other head to head and there were also picture questions and audio questions. The winner of this game went on to the final bonus for a star prize.

Final BonusEdit

The puzzle in this bonus is the same as before except that the night's grand winning player only sees one clue and it will be the clue of his/her choosing (either the top, the middle or the bottom). Then Paul would tell the winner how difficult the clue is (easy, medium or hard). Then the winning contestant has five seconds to think of an answer before being asked for an answer. Solving the puzzle won the star prize.

Champion's RuleEdit

Originally, players can stay on the show as long as they can win (ala American Jeopardy! today). Starting in the second series, it was changed to having all champions stay for maximum of three shows.


Ronnie Hazlehurst


Mark Maxwell-Smith, based on the short-lived American game show Knockout.


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YouTube VideosEdit

Full Episode (1)
Full Episode (2)

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