Screen Test was a film observation quiz for children.


BBC1: 18 November 1970 – 20 December 1984


BBC Manchester


Michael Rodd (1970 – 1979)
Brian Trueman (1979 – 1983)
Mark Curry (1984)

Gameplay (Most Series)Edit

In most series, four children (mostly two boys and two girls) competed in each game. A film clip was shown, and each of them was asked questions about the clip's verbal and/or visual content, in turn. A wrong answer meant that the other three contestants would have a chance to buzz in and answer the same question for a bonus point; however, only one contestant could do so per question.

After a series of rounds, all four contestants answered questions on the buzzer, scoring points for correct answers, and losing points for incorrect answers. Only one contestant could buzz in, so the first one to do so would be the only one to win or lose. The contestant with the highest score was the winner.

Surviving contestants would then compete in semi-final games, and finally, the Grand Final, where the winner was the only one to receive a prize.

Gameplay (Final Series)Edit

For the final series, the presentation was overhauled. In addition to the changes to the set, two teams of three children, each representing their own county, competed in each game. The winners of the series would receive the prize, and compete against the young cast of a BBC program (Grange Hill in this case), just for fun.

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