Nick Knowles
Secret Fortune
BBC One: 12 February 2011 – 29 December 2012
Wild Rover Productions
BBC Northern Ireland

Secret Fortune was a game show similar to Deal or No Deal, but in quiz form.


A team of two contestants tried to find the top prize of £100,000 inside one of 24 numbered envelopes, by answering multiple-choice questions. Each envelope contained a random amount of money as follows:

£10,000 £100,000
£9,000 £75,000
£8,000 £50,000
£7,000 £40,000
£6,000 £30,000
£5,000 £25,000
£4,000 £22,000
£3,000 £20,000
£2,000 £18,000
£1,000 £16,000
£500 £14,000
£100 £12,000

The game itself was played in seven rounds.

The First Six RoundsEdit

In these rounds, each containing one question, the contestants selected four of the envelopes and these were each assigned to one of four possible answers. In this stage of the game, the computer assigned the envelope containing the highest sum of money to the correct answer. The contestants then eliminated the three answers they believed were wrong. With each elimination, the associated envelope was opened to reveal the sum of money being discarded. The remaining envelope was handed unopened to the contestants to be used in the final round.

Final RoundEdit

In this round, which contained five questions, the remaining envelopes that the players kept in the first half were assigned to answers, but now the lowest sum of money was assigned to the correct answer and the contestants had to identify and eliminate it. One envelope was discarded with each question until the final question became a 50/50 choice between two answers. The contestants won the sum of money inside the envelope they didn't eliminate.

YouTube LinkEdit

Second Episode of the Final Series