Darren Day
Teen Win Lose or Draw UK
GMTV: 1993
Buena Vista Television

Teen Win, Lose or Draw is the game show based on Pictionary and on the American series of the same name where two teams of three draw puzzles to help contestants win money.


Two teams of three players (consisting of one celebrity, and two teen contestants) played the game in a battle-of-the-sexes-manner (boys vs. girls). Unlike the adult version, contestants played for points & prizes, not money.

Round 1Edit

In the first round, one player from each team had two minutes to draw as many words as he/she can to convey to his/her partners. There were 10 words in all and each word is a clue to a puzzle. Each correct answer was worth five points, and when time was up, host Darren announced the clues the team got right and if the team can solve the puzzle using those clues, they earn a 25 point bonus. If they can't, the opposing team got a chance to solve the puzzle and steal the points. So each puzzle was worth up to 75 points.

Round 2Edit

In the second round, the drawer had 90 seconds (1 1/2 minutes) to draw up to three two word phrases. Each one was worth 15 points for a maximum total of 45 points.

Round 3Edit

Round three saw the drawer draw up to four clues to a famous person. The drawer chose a person in a blind draw and Darren revealed a card that represented what field the subject is from. After each correct clue, the team in control was asked to make a guess at the risk of a steal from the other team if they're wrong. The more clues were used, the less its worth. The first clue was worth 50 points, the second was worth 30, third 20 and forth 10.

Speed RoundEdit

The final round of the game was called the Speed Round. In the speed round, the drawer had 90 seconds (1 1/2 minutes) to draw as many words & phrases as he/she can. Each correct answer was worth 10 points, and the drawer can pass no more than twice. The team in the lead went first followed by the trailing team; in case of a tie, the team that started the entire game went first. After both teams played the speed round, the team with the most points won the game, and the teen contestants on the winning team each won a prize package.

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