Derek Hobson
Louise Burton
Eddie Straiton (1984-1987)
C. C. Guard (1988)
That's My Dog
ITV: 1984-1988

A game show where dogs and their owners compete for money and prizes.


Two couples and their dogs competed in a series of events fit for the dogs.

The first round saw the couples answer dog-related questions. They vary from breeds of dogs to what dogs do. There were also medical questions about dogs which were asked by a resident vet. In addition, hostess Louise Burton even asked the humans a celebrity dog question by virtue of clues, to find out who its owner is.

Other rounds include: running through a dog maze without getting side tracked by the dog food in the middle and going through an assault course.

At the end of the day, the winning team tried to get their dog to pick up an object chosen by the owners prior to the show for £500.

International VersionEdit

Three years after the show was cancelled, a fondly remembered American version was instituted and produced for The Family Channel.


Derek Hobson and John Viner

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