Mike Smith
Team Captains (Series 1 – 3 Only)
Gloria Hunniford
Kenny Everett
That's Showbusiness (1989)
That's Showbusiness (1994)
That's Showbusiness (1996)
BBC1: 20 May 1989 – 8 July 1996

That's Showbusiness was a panel game about the world of entertainment.


Two teams of two celebrities (along with the team captains in the first three series) competed in each episode. The quiz consisted of various rounds. Usually correct answers were worth two points, while one bonus point was awarded to the opposing team for a correct answer. The rounds were changed a bit in each series, but the most notable ones were:

  • Three Questions – These were based on a comedy clip.
  • Romantic Triangles – In this round, the teams had to try and guess which celebrity two other celebrities had been romantically involved with.
  • "Guess which of these three people said this particular quote" – Self-explanatory
  • Movie – In this round, each team member would see a clip of a classic or newly released film and was asked relevant questions on the film and/or its stars.
  • Videoke – In this round, each team would sing along to a music video or performance. At one point, the video would fade out and hopefully when it faded back in again they would be in the right place.
  • "Quickfire" – This round had twelve themed questions to be answered alternately by the teammates within one minute.

YouTube LinksEdit

Full Episode from Series 1
Full Episode from Series 6
Full Episode from Series 8

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