Bob Monkhouse
Nick Jackson
ITV: 1 June 1990 - 4 September 1993

This was a revival of the old 1950s quiz show. Both were based on a popular American format.


Contestants first chose a subject category, and would then be asked questions only in the chosen category, earning money which doubled as the questions became more difficult.

The number of questions was dependent on the amount played for:

  1. £1: Single Question
  2. £25: Single Question
  3. £50: Single Question
  4. £100: Single Question
  5. £200: Single Question
  6. £400: Two-Part Question
  7. £800: Three-Part Question
  8. £1,600: Four-Part Question
  9. £3,200: Five-Part Question
  10. £6,400: Six-Part Question

The first six questions took place on stage. The next two had the contestant stand before a video wall since those questions were visual questions. The final two questions took place at "The Isolator". The £400 and £1,600 levels were safe levels. Contestants remained until winning £6,400. Later series replaced the £1-£50 questions with the Basic 64 which started at £1 and doubled up to £64 before the £100 question.



The $64,000 Question @

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