The Write Stuff was a comedy panel game about the world of literature.


BBC Radio 4: 31 July 1998 – 11 November 2014


James Walton

Team CaptainsEdit

John Walsh and Sebastian Faulks


Two teams (each consisting of one of the team captains and one guest (usually a journalist or novelist)) competed in each edition. Each episode was centered around an "Author of the Week". Each programme would begin with the panellists reading favourite extracts from the author's writing, and the first round was a series of questions about the author's life and works.

The programme normally ended with panellists having to write a pastiche (or parody; the programme used the terms interchangeably) based on that week's author of the week. Walton would describe these as 'the most popular bit of the programme'. Walton would set a topic that would be so out of style of the author in question that a pastiche would be humorous.

The intervening rounds didn't focus on the author of the week. Rounds commonly included were: connections; odd one out; literary mistakes; the archive round; and a music round.

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