Susan Calman
Top Class title card
CBBC: 12 September 2016 – Present

Top Class is a quiz show where children answer questions in the National Curriculum.


All primary schools across the UK are invited to enter Top Class, with a team of 4 pupils. All competitors are in year 6 (Primary 7 in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Each round includes questions taken from the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 as well as other rounds including a 'News' round with questions on topics from the wider world; a ‘pet subject’ round selected by the team and in one special round, the team nominate one of their teachers to play for them, the teacher must answer questions against the clock on popular culture.

The subjects includes Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and News. There is also Test the Teacher where the class' teacher answers pop-culture questions and Pet Subjects, where the class chooses a subject to be questioned on. Pet Subjects chosen include The Dumping Ground and Capital Cities.

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