Totally Top Trumps was a panel game show based on the British card game Top Trumps.


Challenge: 2004


Andy Goldstein

Team CaptainsEdit

Rob Deering
Dan Clark


Jack Waley-Cohen


Two teams, each consisting of one of the team captains and one guest, competed in four rounds.

Round 1Edit

In the first round, the teams were given a category and four items. Their job was to buzz in and guess which of those items was the top trump.

Round 2Edit

This round was played similar to the first round, except the teams were given a series of items and had to name the category that they all belonged to.

Round 3Edit

In this round, some members of the public would perform a brief stunt for the teams, who had to predict which of them would win.

Final RoundEdit

In the final round, the teams were given pairs consisting of an item and a number, and had to buzz in and guess how they were related to each other. To buzz in, however, they had to play an instrument.