Simon Greenall
Trapped! title card
BBC One: 28 September - 21 December 2007
CBBC Channel: 10 July 2008 - 4 November 2010

Trapped! is a horror fantasy children's game show.


In each episode, six children (referred to as Unfortunates) start at the top of the tower to complete one task per floor. They each wear an earpiece, known as a 'Whisper Clip, and prior to each game, one child is chosen through his earpiece as the Saboteur. It is then that child's job to sabotage the game without being spotted, with guidance from the Voice.

After each game, if the team pass the challenge, the rest of the team minus the Saboteur move down one level. If they fail, each child votes for who he thinks was the Saboteur, and the one with the most votes does not move down. A straw draw is used in the event of a tie.

This repeats on a floor-by-floor basis until there are only two Unfortunates left. The final round is an alternating question based round on the events of their time in the tower throughout the episode. Whoever has the higher score wins the Key of Freedom and leaves the tower. The rest stay trapped in the tower forever...