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Title Genre
Waaa!!! Children's, Regional (Wales)
Waffle Puzzle
The Waiting Game Quiz, General Knowledge
Wall of Fame Comedy Panel Game
Wanted Action/Adventure
Was It Something I Said? Comedy Panel Game
Watercoulour Challenge Lifestyle
We are the Champions Children's
We Need Answers Comedy Panel Game
We've Got Your Number Family Game Show
The Weakest Link Quiz, General Knowledge
What Do Kids Know? Family Game Show
The What in the World? Quiz Comedy Panel Game (Science and Nature)
What the Dickens Comedy Panel Game (Art and Culture)
What's My Line? Panel Game
Wheel of Fortune (1) Family Game Show
Wheel of Fortune (2) Puzzle
When Will I Be Famous? Variety
Where in the World? (1) Quiz, Themed (Geography)
Where in the World? (2) Radio, Quiz, Themed (Geography)
Whispers Radio, Panel Game (Scandals)
Whittle Quiz, General Knowledge
Who Dares Sings! Music, Kareoke Singing
Who Dares Wins Big Prize
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Big Prize
Who's Doing the Dishes Cookery
Whodunnit? Mystery, Panel Game
The Whole 19 Yards Family Game Show, Big Prize
Whose Baby? Panel Game
Whose Line is it Anyway? Radio, Comedy, Improvisation
Wild Things Stunt/Dare Show
Win Beadle's Money Comedy
Win It, Cook It Cooking
Win, Lose or Draw Drawing
Win My Wage Decision Making
Win Your Wish List Quiz, General Knowledge
Winner Takes All Quiz, General Knowledge, Gambling
Winning Lines Quiz, General Knowledge
Wipeout Quiz, General Knowledge
Without Prejudice? Panel Game, Decision Making
Wogan's Perfect Recall Quiz, General Knowledge, Memory
Wonderful World of Weird Children's
A Word in Your Ear Panel Game
Wordaholics Radio, Comedy Panel Game (Words)
Wordplay Puzzle
Would I Lie to You? Comedy Panel Game
Wright Around the World Quiz, General Knowledge
The Write Stuff Radio, Quiz, Themed (Literature)
Wudja Cudja Stunt/Dare Show

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