Brian Conley
Julia Bradbury
Alan Dedicoat
We've Got Your Number
BBC One: 27 February – 15 May 1999

We've Got Your Number was a National Lottery show where "The Balls Decide".


Each episode featured two games. In these games, the Lottery's balls decided the outcome of its matter. Examples included:

  • Odd or Even – Two people were trying to settle a dispute. The Bonus Ball being odd or even determined who would win.
  • Second Chance – The player had lost something in life, and the show gave them a chance to win it back with interest by playing a game, the difficulty of which depended on which balls came out during the National Lottery draw.
  • The Magnificent Seven - Seven people with 'talent' were given the chance to shine if the Bonus Ball came out. Each act was given seven numbers from 1-49m and whichever one corresponded with the Bonus ball would get to perform.

YouTube LinksEdit

A Full Episode of the Show Part 1 Part 2

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