Tim Vine
Channel 5: 31 March 1997 – 21 June 1998
Grundy International

Whittle was a revival of ITV's Everybody's Equal.


The game was played by an audience of 100 contestants, who were "whittled" down to just one (hence the name of the show).

Main GameEdit

Just like in Everybody's Equal, the game was played in two rounds.

Round 1Edit

Vine asked the contestants a series of questions with four possible answers, and the contestants would make their choice by pressing one of four numbered buttons on a keypad, within ten seconds. The contestants who chose a wrong answer or didn't answer in time, would be eliminated. This process continued up to six questions in this round, which had to end with exactly ten people remaining. To make sure this happened, the last question was a timed question, in which the ten players who chose the correct answer first would advance to the next round.

Round 2Edit

In this round, Vine asked up to four questions, worth £10 each. Again, the contestants had ten seconds to answer. Unlike Everybody's Equal, contestants who chose the wrong answer were eliminated, and, for comic effect, were made to wear a "Whittle mask", which was yellow with a large purple W on it. The last question was a timed question, and the contestant who correctly answered it first won the game, had their winnings raised to £250, and would play the endgame.


Just like in Everybody's Equal, the winner would be asked a question where they had to place four items in the correct order. If they successfully did so, they won another £250, for a total of £500; however, if they made a mistake at any time or fifteen seconds passed (whichever came first), any of the other contestants who chose the correct order divided the remaining £250 between them.

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