Nick Knowles
Who Dares Wins
BBC One: 17 November 2007 – Present
12 Yard Productions

Who Dares Wins is the British version of the international format, The Rich List.


Main GameEdit

Two teams of strangers are paired up. Both teams sit in soundproof pods. When the pods are blue they can hear what is happening, and when it is red they can't.

The list subject is read out and then the host turns one pod red. The other team then make a bid on how many right answers they can give. Their pod turns red and their opponents can either increase the bid or dare them to play. This process continues until one team is dared.

If the bidders make their bid then they win the list. If they make a mistake then their opponents win the list. Each game has two lists and the first team to win both lists plays for the money.

If both teams win one list each, then a penalty shootout tiebreaker is played. The sound remains on in the pods. The host reads out the subject for the round. The first team gives an answer and if it is on the list then the opponents have to answer correctly or they lose. If the first team give a wrong answer then their opponents will win with a correct response.

Money RoundEdit

The winning team is given another list subject. The money that can be won is as follows:

Right Answers Winnings
3 £5,000
6 £10,000
9 £15,000
12 £25,000
15 £50,000

After each level is reached, the contestants can quit with the money won, because if they make an error at any time, they lose all the money won on the list.

If a team quits or wins the £50,000, the money won is banked and cannot be lost. This is shared equally between the two team members.

Each episode features two games. There are no limits on the amount of money or the number of games a team can win, so they can stay until they lose a game; however, two teams didn't return as champions: the following games had two teams of challengers.


For the first eight series and a half, the show was sponsored by the National Lottery. By 21 January 2017, however, the Lottery stopped showing game shows during their draws, altogether.

Originally, the show was to be called The Rich List, like its international counterparts, but was changed at the last minute.

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