Ian Wright
Alan Dedicoat
Wright Around the World
BBC One: 25 October 2003 – 8 January 2005
BBC Manchester

Wright Around the World was a National Lottery game show where six contestants competed to win a round-the-world holiday (hence the name of the show).


Before appearing on the show, Wright would find a contestant and ask them a question. A correct answer meant that they would get a chance at their dream holiday.

The game was played in three rounds.

Round 1Edit

Twelve giant Lottery balls (called Globes) would drop into a mixer called the Globe Trotter. Eight of them were red, and the other four were green Wright would then ask a general knowledge question on the buzzer. A correct answer meant that they would pick a Globe. If it turned red, Wright would ask another question. But if it turned green, Wright would ask that contestant a bonus question, and a correct answer meant they would become one of the contestants in the next round. This process continued until four contestants answered their bonus questions.

Round 2Edit

To start this round, a popular singer would perform for the audience, and the contestants were shown facts about them appearing on the bottom of a screen. After the performance, Wright would ask the remaining contestants questions relating to those facts. A correct answer meant that they would pick two Globes; and if both of their chosen Globes turned green, they would get the bonus question. This process continued until two contestants correctly answered their bonus questions.

Final RoundEdit

To start, each contestant was given two Globes. Wright would then ask rapid-fire questions on the buzzer for 90 seconds. A correct answer meant that they would steal a Globe from their opponent, although a contestant could have no more than four Globes; an incorrect answer, however, froze them out of the next question, and the opponent got it unopposed, with a correct answer stealing one of their opponent's Globes. The contestant with the most Globes at the end of this round won the game, and their dream holiday.

YouTube LinksEdit

A Full Episode of the Show

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